Vatican Holocaust Files – German Pope Benedict XV1 Forced To Resign? Here’s Why! (Audio-vid)

Posted Feb.20, 2013  My Intro to the vid

Was “age” and “health” the factors that persuaded the German Pope to resign? There is good reason to believe they were not the defining elements in his planned resignation. In the audio-vid below, Gordon Duff of “Veterans Today” website gives a stunning reason for the resignation of Pope Benedict, which was given to him by one of his “sources”.

As a mindful side note, according to the Jerusalem Post, “Abe Foxman of the (Jewish) Anti-Defamation League (ADL) “expressed great appreciation and wishes of good health for Pope Benedict XVI” upon his planned and “stunning retirement” on Feb.28,2013.

Pope and NetanyahuPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu also thanked outgoing Pope Benedict for his “efforts to shore up often troubled relations between the Roman Catholic Church and Jews.” (Pope and Netanyahu in pic)

It’s apparent the Jewish leaders are elated the German Pope is going to retire on Feb.28, 2013.

In the Washington Jewish Week website, I read that Dr. Adam Gregerman, the Jewish scholar at the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies, based in Baltimore, said that Jews should be very interested in the Pope’s decision while observing who will take over.

Gregerman also said: “The Jewish community would welcome a pope with a commitment to Jewish and Catholic relationships. We’d expect someone from the First World, who is familiar with Jewish communities.”

It’s been said by others that the Jews are concerned that the next Pope might be “anti-Semitic” __the Jewish silencer _ aimed at the gentiles and those who would criticize the crimes of the criminal Jewish Zionists.

At any rate, here’s Gordon Duff’s 5 min interview in which he reveals why the Jews may be so jubilant regarding the imminent resignation of the German Pope.

My source:

Source of comments by the Jewish scholar Dr. Adam Gregerman:

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