Woman Accused Of Witchcraft Is Burned Alive In Public Square (link incl Photos)

The Examiner.com  by Kaeley Glasco    Feb.08, 2013

A woman is beaten, tortured and set on fire in a public square, in Papua New Guinea , on Feb. 7, 2013. The woman is accused of being a witch by an angry mob, who bound, tortured and set her ablaze in view of hundreds of horrified spectators, a number of them were children.

The woman’s murder was photographed by some of the bystanders. The depictions of the murder were subsequently published in the region’s largest print publication.

Accusations of sorcery were met with violence in a similar case whereas a 20-year-old mother, Kepari Leniata, was tortured, doused in gasoline, and burned, in the Western Highlands provincial capital of Mount Hagen.

Leniata had been accused of sorcery by the relatives of a 6-year-old boy who died in the hospital the day before.  woman burned alive 3

Associated Press reports, “Deputy Police Commissioner Simon Kauba on Friday blasted Mount Hagen investigators by phone for failing to make a single arrest, Kakas said. The public were apparently not cooperating with police, and police carrying out the investigation were not working hard enough, Kakas said. (Leniata on right. pic credit Getty Images, Zambio)

“He was very, very disappointed that there’s been no arrest made as yet,” Kakas said. “The incident happened in broad daylight in front of hundreds of eyewitnesses and yet we haven’t picked up any suspects yet.”

Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/woman-accussed-of-witchcraft-is-burned-alive-public-flogging       << link includes 4 photos

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