The Real Flu Shot –Vitamin D3 (Incl Vid)     By Celia Farber   Jan.28, 2013

With media generated flu hysteria at an all time high and confusion about whether to risk the adverse effects of the “flu shot,” it’s time to reconnect with the sunlight vitamin that may be all you need to stay healthy all winter: Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin, but a “pro-hormone” that regulates tissues, inflammation, infections, bacteria, and viruses all through the body.

“All of epidemiology will be changed by this,” says Dr. John Cannell, Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council, and one of the nation’s foremost Vitamin D researchers. “If you ask anybody that takes 5,000 units of D every day, they’ll tell you, they just don’t get sick anymore. Colds and flu just don’t happen.”

Our bodies make antibiotics, known as “ana-microbial peptides.” Scientists only recently discovered that Vitamin D boosts production of these peptides, giving us protection against not only colds and flu but also ailments as varied as diabetes and depression.

100 years ago, doctors acknowledged that sunlight could cure TB.  Vit D girl in sun

Have you ever wondered why you rarely get sick in the summer? Or why people are so much sicker since the advent of head to toe sunscreen?

Get out in the sun! And until you can, make sure to supplement with Vitamin D3, every day. You will do just fine in “flu season.”

Here’s a link to 1 min vid by Dr. John Cannel


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