Iran May Be Pressed To Defend Against US-Israeli Unmanned Robotic Boats

Ynet news   By Udi Etzion  Posted Oct.28, 2012 (I have abbreviated the article)

Israeli unmanned robotic boats may be used by the US Military in a potential naval confrontation with Iran, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday.

Recent reports revealed that the Iranian military had recently purchased numerous small vessels and manned each of them with Revolutionary Guard officers. The vessels are meant to either block or attack any American aircraft carrier making its way to the Strait of Hormuz.

In light of the possible danger, the US Navy is reportedly considering purchasing the “Protector,” a remote-controlled boat developed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

According to foreign reports, the Israel Navy has recently started using the robotic boats and has armed them with anti-armour “Spike” missiles.

On Wednesday, the US Navy fired missiles from several unmanned surface vehicles (USV) in tests which took place off the coast of Maryland. All six test-fires were reportedly accurate.

“The boats could be used for a number of applications, including harbour security, and in various defensive operations and scenarios, which are of primary concern for the Navy,” Mark Moses, the US Navy’s drone boats program manager, told Wired Magazine.

The “Protector” deal between Israel and the US is expected to amount to millions of dollars. However the Americans might not purchase the Israeli “Spike” missiles and opt for American-made missiles, such as the “Javelin” or the “Hellfire” instead.

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