Elderly Israeli Fighter Describes The 1948 Ethnic Cleansing Of The Palestinians

We’ve been told by the power brokers of the Zionist entity, that the Palestinians want to “wipe the Jewish occupiers off the map”. However, it is the Palestinians and their villages who have been “wiped off the map”! The barbaric and lawless Zionists claim “Palestine was a land without a people”. In other words, the Palestinians were NOT a people. WTF!

As many have noted, the Zionist Jews are always reminding the world about the Jewish struggle, yet, these hypocritical war criminals practice abuse, funeral-march-genocide and almost daily slaughter of the Palestinians.

The video below features an elderly Israeli fighter who admits to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948. The Palestinians refer to that as a “Nakba” (catastrophe). I suppose his personal revelations are an expression of his guilt and remorse. Perhaps other Israelis soldiers will come forward and admit the crimes carried out by the so-called “Jewish State”. (pic of 1948 Palestinian refugee camp on right)

Here’s the article which can be found here. http://www.antiwar.com/blog/2011/12/29/video-elderly-israeli-fighter-talks-about-1948-genocide/

Link to Electronic Intifada website: http://electronicintifada.net/

By Jeremy Sapienza   Dec.29, 2011

Electronic Intifada’s Benjamin Doherty shared a video from “Nakba”-awareness group Zochrot titled, “Remembering”! In the video a former Israeli Palmach fighter reveals how he participated in the expulsion of unarmed Palestinian Arabs from their villages in Southern Israel.

The aged Israeli figther, Amnon Neumann, casually describes that he helped kill people, burn their villages, and chase off women and children. He regrets his actions but notes he is one of the few to admit his crimes.

However, when he is asked to describe the details of the atrocities, he is loath to talk about them.

In one grimace-inducing moment, Neumann talks of the Palestinians who didn’t quite realize they wouldn’t be coming back. They would sneak out of Gaza refugee camps at night to tend their villages’ grapevines. When they did so. “There”, says Neumann, “they were gunned down”.

As late as the 50s, he notes, Arab villages were being evicted wholesale and forced to Gaza. The desert was made to bloom, it seems, only after its villages were ploughed under.

The reason for the Nakba, said Neumann, was “the Zionist ideology.”

Like all ultranationalist movements, Zionism requires the murder and expulsion of a people and the destruction of all evidence of their existence.

Those not destroyed must be permanently subjugated by the ethnicity in charge. It seems that for many, the tragedy of the Holocaust was that it happened to Jews. Because the Nakba happened to Arabs, means it’s not worth our attention — or worse, they are reviled as aggressors.

“This is very clear. We came to inherit the land. Who do you inherit from? If the land is empty you inherit it from no one. The land was not empty when we inherited it.”

Here’s the vid:

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