Female Jewish Professor Sacked & Blacklisted For Criticizing Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians.

We are led to believe universities and other institutions of higher learning are the bastions and fortresses of “free speech”. Nope! It ain’t so”!

The following article demonstrates the power of the Jewish organizations have over these institutions in silencing those who would even “think” to criticize Israel. Because of this zio-whole-hog-power and influence, most university professors/instructors are muzzled and held in check!

Here’s my abbreviated sketch of the Electronic Intifada article on Dr. Terri Ginsberg, “a popular professor of film studies at the North Carolina State University (NCSU)”.

Electronic Intifada – December 15, 2011

By Nora’s Blog

Dr. Terri Ginsberg began publicly criticizing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, the US-Israel alliance and Zionism (inside and outside the classroom), and, as a consequence she immediately faced retaliation from the university administration.

In 2008, she was “punished with partial removal from — and interference in — duty, non-renewal of contract and rejection from a tenure-track position”.

In an interview with Nora, Dr. Terri told her that since she lost her job at NCSU, she has been essentially “blacklisted from other university teaching positions” across the country.

Dr. Terri added that she’s applied to more than 150 jobs, and she can’t even get an interview — something, she said, that is very unusual for her and for someone with her publishing and teaching track record.

[She is].. fighting the university and the state government over what seems to be a clear-cut case of discrimination and censorship due to her outspoken criticism of Israeli policy in Palestine.

Ginsberg and her lawyer, Rima Kapitan, filed a lawsuit with the North Carolina Superior Court, which in October 2010 dismissed the case, thereby favouring NCSU’s denial of tenure.

Following the court’s ruling in favour of NCSU, Ginsberg and Kapitan filed an appeal this past June to the North Carolina Court of Appeals. However, on 15 November, the appeals court dismissed the appeal and upheld the lower court’s ruling.

Dr. Ginsberg noted in her blog that “Our justice system should not be allowed to get away with silencing critical academic speech in order to protect opposing views simply because they reflect wealthy and powerful interests, nor should academic faculty become intimidated from speaking critically for fear of being disciplined or losing their jobs”.

Similarly, (Dr. Ginsberg stated) that the Israel Lobby in the U.S. has tried repeatedly to introduce congressional legislation which, in the name of “combating anti-Semitism,” would criminalize speech critical of Israel, thereby travestying not only the First Amendment but the entire spirit of the Bill of Rights.

 My original source. http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=40069

Read full article here: http://electronicintifada.net/blog/nora/fight-continues-academic-freedom-us

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6 Responses to Female Jewish Professor Sacked & Blacklisted For Criticizing Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians.

  1. Pal Cine says:

    Press Release – update on Ginsberg vs. NCSU – Supreme Court decision:

    Click to access press-release-supreme-court-petition-decision.pdf


  2. Mary says:

    Let’s face it… with the Israeli controlled media people don’t care. Most people don’t have the brain to think beyond the next football game. “It doesn’t affect me so why should I care”.

    Meanwhile their and their children’s future is being robbed by these people. We can have starving Americans while Israel will have guaranteed fuel prices- Guaranteed by the US govt.

    Did you know that our Congress passed a law that prohibits an organized boycott of Israeli goods?

    Americans may wake up when they’re living in squalor-maybe not


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