Witless Canadian Cop Tasers Teen Without Warning (Vid Incl)

Yesterday, Sept.23/11, a sergeant with the London, Ontario’s police force tasered a 17 year old boy who was fighting. It appears from the cell phone vid posted below, that he was hit in the head or face area and immediately fell to the ground.

The sergeant didn’t seem one bit concerned for the teen as he lay motionless on the concrete. He was more interested in  keeping the bystanders from approaching him and the teen.

The bystanders were outraged and demanded why the teen was tasered without warning and why was he hit in the head. The police claim the teen was hit in the ear and chest area.

London’s Police Chief, Brad Duncan, stated the sergeant “was not obligated to give a warning”. He also explained that “the policy is to give a warning when appropriate (?), but if it’s not practical (?), the officer is compelled to act.

From what I saw in the video, it was dam well “practical” for the officer to shout a warning or to command that the teens break it up. The teen who was tasered was the smaller of the two fighting.

IMO, the officer reacted irrationally without forethought and was too quick on the trigger. There was absolutely no need to taser the teen.

News source : http://cfjctv.com/story.php?id=4594

Here’s the vid.

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