Big Pharma: Secret Vaccination Of Children Without Parents Consent. (Vid incl)

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By Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

September 21, 2011

How do pharmaceutical giants like Merck respond to increasing resistance by parents to vaccinate their children due to dangerous vaccine ingredients, an ever growing immunization schedule, skyrocketing cases of autoimmune disease, and questionable efficacy?

The Pharmacrats react by quietly and stealthily pushing a bill through the California State Legislature that would strip informed consent from parents and allow secret vaccination of children as young as 12 with vaccines such as Gardasil and Hepatitis B as well as all future vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases.

Such a bill would cost California millions to implement with the majority of these funds lining the pockets of the Pharmacrat corporations.

What’s more, if passed, Assembly Bill 499 will require that parents still be legally and financially responsible for their child even if severe damage from the secret shots occurs which the parents never consented to in the first place.

How is it possible that this bill was passed by both houses of the California State Legislature and has landed on the Governor’s desk? How can any society calling itself free allow children to be taken secretly from the parents and subjected to medical risk without informed parental consent?

Assembly Bill 499 is on the desk of Jerry Brown TODAY and public pressure must be brought to bear immediately for Governor Brown to veto this frightening bill from becoming law. No matter how you personally feel about vaccination, allowing children to be secretly vaccinated without parental consent is clearly a violation of the moral dignity of a free society

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