Peaceful Occupy-Wall-Street Protesters Brutally Attacked By Police (Vid incl)

BACKGROUND: On Saturday, Sept.17/11, as many as 5000 Americans converged on the Wall Street financial district in Manhattan, New York, to protest the greed and corruption of Wall Street and the banking institutions.

They are objecting to the vast amounts of cash that the banking institutions are raking in while much of the American citizens remain unemployed or underemployed. Manufacturing is being outsourced and many citizens have lost their homes because of bank foreclosures and, as a result, are homeless.

According to the Guardian web page, “the protesters unfurled banners, beat drums and chanted slogans as they marched toward Liberty Street, not far from Wall Street and a block away from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York”.

By Sunday, Sept.18/11, these protesters were joined in the Liberty Street park area by several hundred supporters. During the night, they began to tweet to the world that they were hungry. Within an hour, a pizza shop close by received a $2,800 order for delivery to those encamped in the park.

Up until that time, no real police intervention took place. Initially, it had been reported, that the police had no intention of removing the protesters. However, because the next day (Monday) was business as usual for Wall Street and the Banking institutions, the police decided to clear the area before normal business hours.

According to David Degraw of Amped Status news, “as it started to rain Sunday night, some of the protesters at Liberty Park put some traps over their video equipment for protection.

The Police then used this as an excuse to violently attack the area and make several arrests. As the crowd chanted, “the whole world is watching”, the police went on the attack and brutally threw several protesters to the ground, cuffing them and dragging them to police van. Several others were injured.

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Here’s the vid of the police brutally against some of those Wall Street protesters.

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