Norway Massacre: Two Gunmen Involved Say Witnesses

The following is taken from this source:

MOSCOW, July 23, 2011 (RIA Novosti)

Witnesses of Friday’s mass killings in the Norwegian youth camp say there were two terrorists as the shootings were coming from “two different places on the island at the same time,” Norwegian VG paper reported on Saturday.

At least 92 (the number killed has been reduced to 68, emphasis mine) people were killed in two separate attacks in Norway on Friday. Seven people reported to be killed in a bomb explosion at a government headquarters in Oslo and 85 were killed in a shooting at a youth summer camp on the Utoya island, near the capital. (pic of Anders Breivik, Olso Killer on left)

Several young people who survived Utoya’s massacre, told VG paper that the shootings were coming from “two different places on the island at the same time.”

“I believe that there were two people who were shooting,” VG quoted a 23-year old Alexander Stavdal.

Norwegian police arrested on Friday a 32-year-old ethnic Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik, who is believed to be behind the attack.

The witnesses described the second man as a 180-centimeter tall, dark-haired man with Nordic appearance with “a pistol in his right hand and a rifle on his back.”

An anonymous 16-year old girl told VG paper that the gunmen seemed to be in a hurry, but nevertheless “always made ??sure that their victims were shot dead.”

“I saw a boy lying on the ground. He shivered and shook before they came over and shot him again,” VG quoted the girl as saying.

Among those escaped the camp, were Marius Roset, Matts Kristiansen and Jostein Helsingeng. Roset managed to shelter in a rock while the other guys were hiding in the forest.

“The first thing the crazy [gunman] did was to shoot the first cute girl he saw,” Roset told VG.

One of the boys, Kristiansen, told the VG that “it was the longest two hours of my life.”

“Fifteen out of fifteen were killed at once. We thought life was over, while we ran. Many phoned home to parents to give them a final message,” VG cited Stavdal as saying.

Terrorist attacks have been virtually unknown in Norway, the home of the Nobel peace prize and one of the world’s most prosperous and stable societies.

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