New Guinea Tribe Meets White Man For First Time. Fascinating! (Vid from original film)

In 1976, a tribe was discovered in Papua, New Guinea who never encountered a white man before. The following vid is part of a documentary that recorded that first encounter.

The natives are seen walking along a path through the leafy bush land when they encounter the white man. Initially, they are apprehensive and approach the white man with caution. The white man extends his hand to one of the natives, but the tribesman is fearful and backs off . Eventually, the natives feel safe and the white man demonstrates his toys to them __mirror, tape recorder, matches, knife.

I found the vid fascinating as I watched the reaction of the natives to the white man’s toys and to his skin color.

However, as some have noted in the Information Clearing House, in particular, Paul Craig Roberts, “Civilization should leave these people alone. The white man will confuse these people about their world and bring disease, death, and unhappiness”.

After that meeting 35yrs ago with the white man, one wonders how that one-with-nature Tribe faired off. Did they assimilate into our f^^ked up modern way of life? Or, did they remain where they were and continued to live in harmony with nature?

My source for the vid is found here. This site contains comments from the viewers.

Here’s the 14 min video which is part of a documentary.

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