Bootlicking Senator Calls For USA Navy To Support Israel In Disabling Humanitarian Flotilla 2

Mark Kirk, a USA Senator who, undoubtedly receives mega-bucks from the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is clamouring for the USA naval and special operation forces to support “Israel” in preventing the humanitarian flotilla 2 from breaching and breaking their illegal coastal blockade of Gaza.

The International Humanitarian Foundation (IHF) Flotilla 2 is expected to set sail for Gaza at the end of this month (June, 2011). It was about this time last year that the Zionists attacked Flotilla 1 and executed over 9 activists and injured many others.

What is so frightening and disturbing regarding the zio-bootlicker’s call for naval support for Israel, is that many Americans citizens will be aboard Flotilla 2. Senator Kirk, it seems, has no qualms with the USA Navy being deployed against it’s own citizens. Only a rotten to the core traitor would demand such action on behalf of a foreign entity.

This Zio-bootlicker Senator wants the Flotilla to “be designated as a terrorist organization” by an Executive Order”.

Can you image! An unarmed ship carrying humanitarian goods and activists for human rights are being labelled as “terrorists” and their mission being referred to as “an act of terrorism”!

In addition, the zio-stooge Senator wants the navy and special forces to “support the Israeli navy to effectively disable the vessels of the flotilla before they can pose a threat to Israeli coastal security and put Israeli lives at risk”.

The lawless and criminal Zionist entity certainly doesn’t need the assistance of the USA Navy to protect her __it’s the 4th largest military in the world and the Palestinians are defenceless against that hell-born and ungodly regime.

If and when the Flotilla 2 sets sail, may they receive divine protection against the diabolical demons and achieve their good and godly objective.

Here’s a link to a Press TV vid on the French Rally To Support Flotilla 2

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