Veteran Journalist Helen Thomas To Lead Anti-Israeli Protest

“I can call the President of the USA anything in the book, but I can’t touch Israel”. That is a quote from veteran journalist Helen Thomas.

Helen was a White House correspondent during the administrations of JFK, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and a two-term Clinton presidency.

The following brief article is taken from the Press TV website.

Press TV

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Renowned American author and veteran journalist Helen Thomas is set to head a mass protest during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the United States.

Netanyahu is expected to travel to Washington for the annual policy meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in May 21-24.

Over 50 major peace groups are now organizing a gathering to protest against the Israeli lobby shaping US foreign policy.

Thomas, whose contentious comments about Israelis led to her departure from the White House press corps last year, is one of the main critics set to address the massive anti-Israeli rally.

The outspoken 90-year-old journalist, stoked controversy on December 2, 2010, when she suggested Jews should leave “Palestine” to Arabs and head to Europe and the US.

Soon after making the comments, Thomas was forced to retire from Hearst Newspapers.

She later defended her remarks in an interview with Kansas City paper, saying that “I can call a president of the United States anything in the book, but I can’t touch Israel, which has Jewish-only roads in the West Bank.”

Helen Thomas has covered every president since John F. Kennedy and was the first woman reporter to become a member of the White House Correspondents Association.

The “Move Over AIPAC” project intends to bring activists and concerned citizens from around the country to learn about the extraordinary influence AIPAC has on the US policy.

According to official data, Israel receives about USD 3 billion from the US in direct each year, which is roughly one-fifth of America’s foreign aid budget. Source:

(Pic on the left) Aug. 23, 1962 — President John F. Kennedy delivers a message to the Amvets Convention in New York. Helen Thomas (right) takes notes in the corner, as Kennedy stresses the need to maintain a strong military force to prevent strife. Two months later, the Cuban Missile Crisis began.

Source of Kennedy and Thomas pic:

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8 Responses to Veteran Journalist Helen Thomas To Lead Anti-Israeli Protest

  1. Oriana Vaffanculo Fallaci says:

    I know someone who was thrown off a “progressive” women’s journalism listserv because she so much as mentioned Israeli human rights violations against Palestinians. They called it “irrelevant” to women and journalism and “inappropriate” as well as an “attack” on individuals in the organization, when the opposite was true. She was personally attacked and there was NO criticism of the personal attack made against her. Moreover, these “progressive” female journalists represent approximately 200 of the most powerful women in journalism in the U.S…..


  2. Oriana Vaffanculo Fallaci says:

    and the organization is JAWS… the “Journalism and Women Symposium” that was founded by the 5 women who successfully sued the NYT for equal pay in a class action decades ago…


  3. Oriana Vaffanculo Fallaci says:

    And I’ll bet even Jon Stewart’s cajones are not sufficiently large to bring on Ms. Thomas for an interview.


  4. Oriana Vaffanculo Fallaci says:

    Also, when is Ms. Thomas bringin’ it to the Bay Area, where at protests of killing and maiming of U.S. citizens who’ve been run over by bulldozers and shot in the eyes with teargas cannisters (let alone the bulldozing and massive bombing of Palestinian civilian homes and populations) bring out Israeli sympathizers who wrap themselves in flags, cuss out the protesters with obscenities, and spit on them? (Last time I received a death threat myself from one of these Israeli sympathizers) who vowed to have me killed in a back alley after the protest.


    • ron abbass says:

      Thanks for your comments, Oriana! I understand the Ms. Thomas has opted out of the protest because she and the various protesting organizations didn’t want her to be the centre of attention. The organizers felt they wanted to place all their focus on AIPAC and it’s domination and influence of USA foreign policy, specifically with regard to the Zionist entity called “Israel”. I laughed when I read “I’ll bet even Jon Stewart’s cajones are not sufficiently large to bring on Ms. Thomas for an interview”. You got that right, Oriana! I’m sure you know that Jon Stewart is Jewish. I hear ya re the lady who was attacked for criticizing the crimes and human rights abuses of the Zionist entity against Palestinians. And, it’s no surprise that her colleagues did not support her. Most Men and Women journalists, if they work for the mainstream media, and if they want to hold on to their jobs, know that they cannot utter one word against the so-called “Chosen Ones”. Thanks again Oriana for your informative comments. Cheers and Blessings to you and yours! 🙂


  5. Oriana Vaffanculo Fallaci says:

    Oh yeah, I know how Jon Stewart capitalizes on being Jewish yet not criticizing political Zionism (and I’ve seen his cajones and they’re nothing worth writing home about).

    Einstein, on the other hand, being an atheist as a scientist, was not a Zionist at all, although the founder of the Einstein papers project labeled him a “cultural Zionist” in that he believed there should be an established center for Jewish culture, but certainly not a “religious state” or one that did not afford equal civil rights to all people, let alone be carved out of the desert by violently throwing people off their land as permanent refugees. That’s brilliant.

    And since my own mother grew up back East being called a “kike” and her aunts attacked with rocks with the same epithet, I’ve got every right to criticize these so-called “proper” Jews who do nothing but sell everybody else down the river as “anti-Zionists” or “anti-Semites” while labeling critics within their own ranks as “commie-pinkos” and “self-haters.”

    What’s more, Zionism would never have been supported by someone intelligent and compassionate in the tradition of the Kabbalah like Spinoza.


    • ron abbass says:

      Hiya Oriana! Thanks for you comments re Einstein and your Mom. You’re a rare breed among most Jewish people who are not afraid to speak out against the injustices and crimes of their own. From my own cursory research into the beginnings of Zionism, it’s my understanding most Jewish people were against Zionism and it’s drive to establish a state in Palestine. That began to change in the 1920’s or so and certainly during and after WW2. I hear ya regarding the attacks against your Mom by “her aunts”. It’s no surprise that she would be labelled a “self-hating Jew” especially if she didn’t support the Zionist entity or was critical of the injustices and crimes that are being carried out in the name of all Jewish people. I remember doing a philosoph course when I attended university, many years ago and I did a study on Spinoza. At that time, I don’t realize he was Jewish, nor did I ever hear the word “Kabbalah” before. What I do remember about Spinoza was a quote that was attributed to him regarding betting on the existence of God __it’s better/wiser to bet that God exists and live accordingly, then to live as if God doesn’t exist. That’s the gist of what I remember about Spinoza. At any rate, Oriana, thanks again for sharing some of your insights and personal experience with me. It’s appreciated. Cheers and Peace to you and yours. Ron Abbass


  6. Oriana Vaffanculo Fallaci says:


    Just to clarify, my mom’s aunts didn’t attack her. Both she _and_ her aunts were attacked in such a manner. In addition, she was attacked by an oral surgeon as a youth with the last line before she went under being, “I’ll show these kikes!” after which she had to stay with her grandmother for a while and wondered why all the mirrors were taken down (until the scars healed). She also went through Catholic school in the 30s when the anti-Semite Catholic priest Fr. Coughlin was giving his nationally-syndicated radio talks and being karate-chopped in the back of the neck by Catholic nuns while sitting at her desk in class, accosted as a “Christ-killer.” Oddly enough, and despite the well-established criticism of Fr. Coughlin’s speeches and their effects, Tom Hayden, who was later a student at the Church of the Little Flower where Fr. Coughlin was his priest or monsignor, speaks nothing but glowingly about Coughlin in his personal and political memoires, oddly enough, without a hint of criticism… odd for such a social and political progressive…


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