New World Order Taught In Schools.

The 4 min video, posted below, was created and presented by a 14-15yr old student. The student presented a question to his teachers and faculty regarding the “New World Order”. They laughingly replied that it was a conspiracy theory.

The wide awake student, using his history textbook, demonstrates that the New World Order is categorically not a conspiracy theory.

It certainly is a “conspiracy” among the power elite who are establishing it, incrementally, through propaganda, war and the manipulation of the financial systems of most nations.

I’m amazed at this young student and his awareness of the zio-machinations that are taking place to create the “New World Order”. It would be phenomenal if the majority of high school and university students were just as awake as the youngster in the video.

In the past, high school and university students have played a major part in awaking adults to the under-the radar-agenda and deceptive intentions of those in power. And, they continue to do so today, although they don’t form a “critical mass” __a majority to bring about political change.

Censorship, propaganda and a well equipped police force are the formidable weapons used to silence those who speak out against the lies, deception and financial swindles. The illegal and criminal wars against sovereign nations that are carried out by the Zio-supremacists and her gentile harlots, help to hasten the creation of “their” New World Order.

At any rate, here’s the video.

About ron abbass

Because of my last name, there are some who might think I'm a Muslim. I'm an older student of the bible and I regard myself as Christian-other. That is, I was baptized in a Torah-keeping assembly. I'm one who tries his best to follow Yayshua, the Messiah (Christ) by keeping the commandments, the dietary laws, the weekly Sabbath and the annual Sabbaths (Holy Days) instituted and ordained by the great I AM, the Creator-God of Israel. I reject the holidays and festivals invented by the Roman church. Truth-seeking is my present passion. Presently, I do a lot of research into the World Wars, the mass media, the Holocaust, Zionism, Health Issues, 9/11 and the power brokers who are behind the New World Order that is gradually being established mainly in the Western Nations. Many prognosticators (prophets) both secular and religious are warning us that we are living "On the Eve of Destruction" - the last days. There's a very good chance a nuclear tsunami will eventually visit many nations. Peace and blessings to all who love the truth and hate the lies.
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