Sick Of Them: Bouncers Who Play God. (Video Incl)

The following is a featured article in the Toronto Star.


By Jenni Dunning Mar.25, 2011 Toronto Star

An Australian advertising company is giving bouncers a taste of their own medicine with a new commercial that features a man blocking a burly bouncer’s entry to a public restroom, calling it the “VIP entrance.”

The ad is for a chocolate bar called Chokito, a classic chocolate, caramel and crisped rice candy bar from the 1970s that was relaunched in Australia in 2010.

The ad company, JWT Sydney, used real bouncers with no script to “ensure their responses were genuine,” although they were hired to be in the commercials, Alyson Valpone, a JWT spokeswoman based in Singapore, told the Star.

“Aimed at 20- to 25-year-old guys, the ads were all about saying ‘No’ to things that get in the way of having a good time. That’s because Chokito is all about the good stuff.”

At the beginning of the ad, an actor sets up the prank: “At Chokito, we have a slight problem with bouncers who play God, so we’re going to see how they feel when the shoe’s on the other foot,” he says into the camera.

The noticeably less muscular actor then proceeds to block the entrances of a public restroom, gym, and parking garage from several men twice his size.

He stops and asks them to take a couple steps back, even getting one to show his ID. He then makes up reasons why they can’t enter: dress code, members-only, a “girth” restriction.

“I don’t make the rules, man,” he says to one of the bouncers when he protests.

As others who are not in on the joke enter the locations, the actor calls out to them as if they are regulars: “See you, Derek,” and “Janet, how are you doing, darling?”

Mimicking a bouncer denying entrance to a drunk person, the actor asks one of them, “Been to a couple gyms before today? I think you’ve had enough gym for today.”

The Chokito ad campaign, which features nine commercials, began online, with the ads appearing on YouTube, and

It has been “very successful” in Australia and online, said Valpone.

Sales of the chocolate bar tripled in the first three months after the campaign launched and outsold Snickers, she said.

One of the bouncers in the latest ad also appears in a separate one for Chokito, in which he stops an actor from getting inside.

Here’s the video:

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